Gimp plugin Follow path: Map values on the Y coordinate

Follow path now includes the option of mapping values to the Y coordinate ​​(vertical) at which the layer is moved. The first value is applied to the lower Y value (the lowest path) and the second to the highest point of the path and lets achieve perspective effects, copied layers are reordered so that they have a Y value at the bottom are smaller and larger front. follow-path5



3 thoughts on “Gimp plugin Follow path: Map values on the Y coordinate

  1. Is there any way to stop the plugin from applying an “autocrop” to a layer with transparency?

    ..or am I just missing something..

    otherwise it is an excellent plugin

    • The script always crop the layer to clone for use only the opaque pixels, i must add the option of disable the autocrop for make the script more flexible. Thanks for your sugestion

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