Gimp python script: Path shape creator new version with rhombus and optional rotation

This new version add rhombus shape and optional rotation between -360 and 360 degrees


Version with translations

With new shape Cross

Solves a error with the preview in Ubuntu

Added new Heart shape

Added new Spiral shape

Added new Flower shape

Sample .po file in spanish

9 thoughts on “Gimp python script: Path shape creator new version with rhombus and optional rotation

  1. Castellano:
    No habría una manera simple de añadir una función para hacer engranajes (cantidad de dientes de engranajes, ancho, alto, dientes de engranajes redondeadas/planas, tipo de borde, etc) ?
    Gracias !
    There would be a simple way to add a feature to make gears in this script, (number of gear teeth, width, height, teeth rounded / flat gears, edge type, etc) ?
    Thank you!
    Sorry for my bad english

    • Hola, es una de las cosas que tengo previstas para nuevas versiones, en cuanto publique la nueva actualización me pongo a ello, gracias por contribuir con ideas

  2. when I updated to 4c I could no longer select corners on rhombus
    Gimp2.8.10 on win7

  3. In Windows (for me) translating plugins python – using the *.mo – do not work (I tried many times – but I achieve a good result only for plugins *. exe).
    But it is not a problem – direct translation – what I do from the first version – because it is a great, much needed plugin!

    ps. Shape Cross – works very well – but now it is a problem for polygons and stars – correct attachment ?

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback, i solved the error with polygons and stars and another issue with the preview in Ubuntu, you can download the D version from this page

  4. Thank You for the excellent plugin !!!
    I have a request: can you add a heart shape?

    • Hi, as you can see i updated the script with cross shape, i wish to add X shape, spiral, and as you suggested a heart shape. Thanks for contributing, and feel free to translate the attached .po file to your country language (polish?)

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