Gimp script Path shape creator:Preview of the shape in the image

This new version draws the shape directly in the image and eliminates the preview in the script window.


New shape Arrow and changes in the interface arakne-path-shape-creator5d
Added the option to convert the path into selection and fill with the foreground color arakne-path-shape-creator5e This review includes:
    • Shapes
    • Two new: Circle and Ellipse
    • Heart: Added degree of roundness to the top
  • Interface
    • Shapes dropdown list ordered alphabetically
    • Two new dropdown to fill and stroke, apply the selected options when adding the shape
    • Shrink/Grow: Shrink/Grow the size of the shape by the specified amount

13 thoughts on “Gimp script Path shape creator:Preview of the shape in the image

    • Hi, for the samples that you send me you can use the Polygon shape usind the value of Sides as the steps that you sugest, Blender works with polygons from three to n sides because don’t can handle curves like the vectorial programs, the curve objects in blender must be converted to polygon to be rendered

  1. Very thanks for fulfilment next request !

    According to me for shapes (basic) lacks only:
    – Right-angled triangle,
    – Acute-angled triangle.

    Regards (and sorry for my english – but most importantly – we are able to understand).

    • Hi, new version with Right triangle and isosceles, now the shapes are in the folder Shapes, makes easy for me maintain the code and for the users add or delete shapes
      My english is worst than yours, in my school days in Spain only teaching us french 😉

  2. Thank you very much, great plugin.

  3. Another great change – thank you very much !
    Is this possible – addition new option – Apply (without closing window plugins) ?

    • Hi, you can download the new version with the button for add shaped without closing the script window and some new changes


        About the plugins like this – long dreamed of!
        Thank you very much – and only very little attention:
        – Request for simple shapes: circle, ellipse and trapezoid – a new shape (no need przekstalcania polygons);
        – For spiral and elliptical – functions as Gfig?

        • Hi, you’re welcome, i avoid to add circle and ellipsoid cause are easy to create with the selection tool and converting to path but i must add the three shapes for the new version, for spiral i’m planning to add a new option for select between the current and a new with the same space between turns
          Thanks for the feedback (and sorry for my english)

          • Sure – simple shapes such as circle and ellipse can be created as you write.
            But now, thanks Your PATH-CREATOR, is the possibility of very precise location of the new shape (repetition in different selection) – I would really like you to be added – because then everything can be created without the need to use other tools.
            New options exceeded my expectations!
            Thanks !

          • Hi, in the new 5f revision i’ve added circle and ellipse, i must add the trapezoid and a new kind of spiral with the same space between turns, any shape sugestion is welcome 😉

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