InkScape plugin: Clean document

Clean document is a script for cleaning internally Inkscape document content, cleaning is performed on the selected objects or all objects in the document if nothing selected. Currently this extension only have three options:
  • Clean unused css font info: when we convert a text object to path the whole style attribute information remains, family size, etc… Enabling this option all font related info is removed. For example this style inherited:
    will change to:
    fill-opacity: 1; stroke:none; fill:#000000 
  • Collapse groups of one object: Ungroups recursively groups of one object applying transforms and styles to the object contained by the group
  • Delete empty paragraphs: Delete paragraphs without text, the empty text paragraphs are only visible from the XML editor and are very difficult to remove from the main inkskape window


Uncompress the zip and follow these steps:


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