Notepad++ plugin: cssList Beta

CssList is a plugin for Notepad++ that makes easy editing compressed CSS files (files without line breaks or spaces unnecessary).

Using the plugin

After installing the plugin can access from the menu Plugins\Web Tools\CssList
  1. 1

    Pressing the button “Get CSS selectors” get the list that appears in the following field (2)

  2. 2

    List of selectors. Clicking on each name automatically selects the appropriate section of the main window and fill the following table with the properties of this selector. By pressing several times on the same selector name will go to the next statement if they have several declaration in the same document.

  3. 3

    Filter selectors names, partial matches for the selectors list, containing the text entered. For example, if you type “pre” will show “#previous-link”, “pre”, “.ñ parag>pre” etc.

  4. 4

    Current selector properties, in the first column property can choose from a dropdown list or enter any other non-existent in that list, the content type of the second column will depend on the property name selected in the first. The default values for these columns can be edited in the files cssList.txt and cssProperties.txt

  5. 5

    Applies the changes made ​​to the properties of the current selector


Unzip the file in the directory notepad++\plugins



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