Notepad++ plugin: function list

Function list is a plugin for notepad++ which lists the functions and arguments on files of type python, javascript and php.
Depending on the action selected by clicking on the name of the function we go to the declaration or insert the name and optionally its arguments.


Unzip the file and save the dll in the plugins directory of notepad++.



7 thoughts on “Notepad++ plugin: function list

  1. Hello,

    I like your new design.
    The problem using string as argument still exists in the new version.

    If I press the parse button twice then I get 2 times the same Function List and I cannot delete it.

    You should keep the function list being able to show multiple files as it is now. Just do not let it have duplicates.

    • hi, i’ve uploaded the new version with that bug corrected and a viewer for docstrings in php and python files, thanks for your feedback

  2. Nice Work!!
    The Function List does not work if the argument in the function is text.

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