cssList – notepad++ plugin

History of changes

  • February 24, 2014
    • Fixed bug when filtering selector names by text
    • Fixed bug on showing the background editor
  • November 25, 2013
    • Added the Config tab, this new tab groups several options:
      • Pressing the Apply button performs the actions of Order properties by name, Compress buttons and save the current CSS and recharge automatically selected in the list of open web pages
      • List open pages in different browsers, this allows to refresh checked web pages with a single click, we can see how the changes to the stylesheet affects to the different browsers open it. Currently only list pages open in IExplorer browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • November 24, 2013
    • Fixed bug that blocked Notepad++ on minimize it, related to the function that shortens the name of open files in the treeview
  • September 24, 2013
    • Changed the way to present the content of the CSS file from table to tree
    • Added button to sort properties by name
    • Fixed bug in properties containing urls
    • Changed “All medias” to “All media” (thanks to Dejan Kozina for its correction)
    • Added transition properties (-moz-transition,-ms-transition,-o-transition,-webkit-transition, transition) to cssProperties.txt and cssGroups.txt
    • Corrected content selection of properties, sometimes it was hidden and had to scroll to see them
    • The color editor can be directly called from the plugins menu notepad++ plugins menu
    • Support cssList translating texts of buttons and labels to your language as they have done Amir Masoud translating into Persian or Yaron Shahrabani translating to Hebrew
  • July 10, 2013

    Added display base64 encoded images


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