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edit guides numerically

With this python script you can edit numerically existing guidelines or add new.
All text fields allow mathematical operations using shortcuts for image width (Width, width, W, w) and the height of the image (Height, height, H, h)

Beta B

New checkboxes Mirror, on check the script creates an aditional guide on the oposite side.

Beta C

Corrects some fails in the interface texts and adds spanish translation.

Beta D

This version adds the option to select the unit (pixels or percentage) for the new guidelines. Now the checkbox to mirror the new guidelines passes a dropdown that lets you choose to not replicate, mirror it in the opposite site or on all four sides.
You can contribute to the script translating the script to your language, downnload from here: arakne-guide-lab.po

Download / Descarga

Newest: Beta d


Older versions

Beta A: arakne-guide-lab
Beta B: arakne-guide-labB
Beta C: arakne-guide-labC

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