Gimp plugin Follow path:
new options

Follow path is a plugin for Gimp that clones a layer over a path. Starting from the next layer and path and using the default options:

We obtain:
With new options added we can transform the copied layer over the path. These new options are:
  • Scale width and height of the layer, the first value is the scale of the first clone that will increase with each repetition until you reach the second value
  • Rotation, we can make the object rotate from -360 to 360 degrees, this rotation will be added to the set if we select Orient on path
  • Hue, from -180 to 180, change the hue for each step
  • Saturation of -100 (gray) to 100
  • Lightness, from -100 to 100
  • Ease , this option causes the interlayer spacing is nonlinearly distributed during the path, used with x and y scaling makes a perspective effect
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2 thoughts on “Gimp plugin Follow path: new options

  1. How to install this plugin? I download your follow-path 4 zip file, and put everything under the plug-in folder under .gimp, where my user files are. But I cannot find the selection from the menu.


    • Hi, once unzipped the files you must copy both on any folder listed in the plug-ins section of preferences (menu Files>Preferences>Folders>Plug-ins) or add a new folder in this section. Once this is done by clicking the right mouse button on the Paths tab select the Tools menu option that appears, is where you will find the script.

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