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  1. I’m running GIMP 2.8.10 under Windows 7, 64bit.

    I’ve added the two files in the zip file to C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins, and restarted GIMP. I can see “Follow Path” in the Plug-In Browser, but I can’t find “Follw Path” in any of the menus.

    What’s the secret? 🙂

    • Hi Adam, the plugin is called from the paths window, make click on a path with the right button of your mouse to bring the “Path” menu, in the “Tools” section of the menu you can see “Follow path”

  2. I have another suggestion. can you make it possible to place copies along paths not joined but on the same path layer? For instance for text? Also 100 copies seemes to be the limit. can this be changed to unlimited or a large number at least.

    • Hi Rod, i don’t understand the need of only a copy of the layer, the purpose of the script is to avoid repetitive tasks, for example with only a greek column in a layer repeat for make a temple, or adding random with a tree créate a forest, i’ve increased the number of copies to 500, download the zip and overwrite both files. Thanks for your feedback

      • Sorry i think you may have miss understood me.
        What i meant was the script as it is will not add objects along two paths on the same layer. Can you adjust the script to be able to do that?
        Example: I have the letter R. Well i have two paths one outline of the R and one that makes the hole at the top. If i run the script on that path layer it will only add objects along the outside path and the hole gets missed because the two paths are not connected.
        I hope that clears up a little better what i meant.
        Thanks for the other additions to the plug-in. 🙂

        • Hi, now i understand you, each not joined part in the same path is called stroke in gimp, the script only works with the first stroke of the path ignoring the others, i can try to implement that option that you sugest in the next version.

  3. My apoligies i said “objects” when i should have said “copies”
    Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Thanks for adding the blur option in the latest release.I have one more suggestion. The gimpfu2.py file may need some installing directions or perhaps a user manual should be included with the download package. Some folks are not going to know where to place that file. Thanks again for a great plugin.
    I also found that you need at a minimum 2 objects or the filter doesn’t run.I need to be able to run 1 object to blur it along a path to create a realistic perspective shadow effect..

  5. Re: previous comment, swapping from Opera to Firefox I see the link to this page, but ‘here’ is a bit small the full URL might be better.

    • Thanks for your comments, i’ve updated your sugestions, all the new releases must be compressed in zip

  6. Great plug-ins
    You need to add a link to this page ie follow-path3 to the posting on registry.gimp.org/

    A change of archiving from rar to zip would help windows users. No problem for me but I do know users who do not know of any other achive other than zip.

  7. Excellent plug-in.
    Is it possible to add a follow path with a blur option? For realistic perspective shadowing.

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