Gimp python console extended

Console extended is an update for gimp plugin that adds a property viewer. Passing the object name or variable list his methods and variables and double-click on the name add to the console.


Download and unzip the zip and save the two files to any folder listed on the plug-ins sections in the plug-ins preferences (menu Files>Preferences>Folders>Plug-ins)


2 thoughts on “Gimp python console extended

  1. Hi Paco,

    we just noticed your changes to the Python console and the gimpfu module and want to invite you to discuss if these can replace the current versions in the main GIMP source tree.

    Please join us on the GIMP developer mailing list or on the #gimp IRC channel:

    Looking forward to see you there,

    Michael, on behalf of the GIMP team

    • Hi Michael, i’m joined to the dev mailing list, of course you can use any of my script on the new releases of gimp

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