Gimp python plugin:
Rotate image using Paths is a plugin for rotating the image using two reference points, it is only necessary to create a path with two points and call the plugin from the window of Paths with the right mouse button on a selected path and click “Tools> Rotate by path…”. In the window we just have to select the type of interpolation to be applied to the rotated image and if we want the plugin resize the image to fit all layers



3 thoughts on “Gimp python plugin:Rotate image using Paths

  1. Nice scripts, but that checkered background on your website is horrible to read things.
    The background flickers before the eyes

  2. Two weeks ago I downloaded your magnificant plug-in.
    It works perfect under linux-mint with gimp 2.8.8.
    Except: if I have a path of more then 2 points the plug-in works as if it has 2 points (the first 2).
    In line 32 you have a test for 0 points. Couldn’t it handsome to also test for more as 2 points?

    Besides that: it works very fine, thak you!

    • Hi, really only are needed two points for get the angle of rotation therefore i ignore the rest, is the equivalent of using the
      Measure tool for geting the angle and this tool only need two points, why need for more tan two points? in this case what information use? the average of all the coordinates? the first and last only? Thanks for your feedback

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