Gimp python script:
Console2 updated, new button for save only source code

I added a new button to the Python console extended to save only the text in the console that python source code, all text result of the execution of the code and prefix (‘>>>’, ‘…’) are removed from the text to save. This version also corrects an error by pressing the Clear button that erased all the code and did not add the prefix ‘>>> ‘ to the first line, which produced an error when running the first line.



5 thoughts on “Gimp python script: Console2 updated, new button for save only source code

  1. I feel like this should be version 2c?
    I downloaded a version of 2b that I got to from the GIMP registry. This link: /yoursite/dessign/gimp-python-console-extended-updated/
    That file is 10.0 kb and this is 10.3 kb. I was a bit confused by the versions at first, but now that I’ve figured it out I thought I might as well drop you a line about it.

    Thanks again lol

  2. I’m not sure where to place the two files contained in the zip. In the application’s plugin directory or the users plugin directory? Neither place seems to work. I cannot find any other ‘’ file to replace if indeed there is one. Running gimp 2.8.8 on win XP


    • Hi Lawrence, you don’t need to delete the original, only copy all files in the zip in any of the folders within the plugins folder, i’ve added a post for explain how to known the plugins folders,, the process is for gimp 2.8.6 on windows7

      • It works now, thank you. These are the standard place to install plugins, and I was using them. But as it turns out, I had two installations of gimp, one being the Gimp-PC-Lab installation by Photocomix. In my preferences I had some cross-pollination in the setup of the plugin preferences, so my default Gimp installation was not seeing the new plugins. This and your other plugins are working fine.

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