Gimp Python Script Shape creator-Shapes

For adding shapes download and uncompress the zip file on the folder shapes that you can find on the same folder containing
  • Crossed corners: creates a shape with the corners crossing at the given distance crossedCorners


  • Drop:Drop shape is formed by two circles joined by tangent lines, the values to introduce are the radius for both circles.shapecreator_drop


  • Ray: Ray shape, we can define the quantity of parts.shapecreator_ray


  • Rectangle spike, square spike: Rectangle and square with spikes.


  • Speech bubble: Speech bubble for comic dialogs, we can define the rotation, width and height of the pointer.


  • Frame: Box in which certain forms are repeated, we can define the width and height of the forms, the separation between them and the direction in which they are created, into, out or in and out alternately. Available forms are rectangular, triangular or circular.


  • Arch – Gothic: Gothic arch, we can define the height of the curve of the arch, for proper operation the height must be greater than half the width of the selection.


  • Spiral: Added a new type of spiral that can be defined by the number of turns or the distance between turns.


  • Ruler: Create rules, you can define the spacing and length of ticks and the alternation between long and short marks.


  • Checker: Added new Tile B. This new shape use the width to define the height, the height value is ignored


    shChecker V3:The shape fits the selection shChecker-3

15 thoughts on “Gimp Python Script Shape creator-Shapes

  1. You are great with plugins.

    Please, can you start another plugin for creating custom guides interactively, with the ability for user to determine number of guides, orientation and spacing while they update on-canvas in real-time. I guess a combination of vertical and horizontal orientation would be nice.

    I like how user interaction is done with the shape creator.

    Thanx again.

  2. with Crossed corners could a option be added to have the corners inside the frame

    • Hi, really all the corners are inside the selection, for make the corners outside the solution is use Shrink/Grow in the Selection tab

      • The corners are inside the selection which is OK but the strokes joining the corners are inside the selection, I was referring to having these strokes along the edge of the selection.

        • Hi, in this case you can set for the field Shrink/Grow the same value used in the field Size, i will consider for future versions the option of selecting between internal or external

  3. I have installed the shapes creator but I can’t find it in the menu. Can anybody tell me in which menu I can find the shapes creator?

    • Hi Teddy, if you installed correctly the scrips you can call the plugin in the “Filter>Path menu>Path shape creator…”

  4. How do you install these plugins.

  5. These are very nice plug-ins, thank you

  6. Thank you for adding speech bubble, works great

    • You’re welcome, thanks for the comment

      • Thanks for now and ask for more.
        I am patiently waiting for the spiral coil options (as in Gfig).
        Forgot – is this possible?

        • Hi, i’ve forget this shape, as you can see the spiral coil has been addes to the spiral shape with two diferent ways to create, i wait for new sugestions and aditions, thank’s for contributing

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