Gimp scripts python:
Where to install

One of the most frequent questions to use python scripts in gimp is where to store the .py files, just look in the preferences gimp directories assigned to it or assign a new one: gimp-python-script-install From the Edit menu, select the Preferences option that opens the preferences dialog box, in the list to the right and look deploy Folders Plugins, can save the files in any of the directories listed in that entry or assign a new directory.
To view the scripts added in the menu you need to restart Gimp.

4 thoughts on “Gimp scripts python: Where to install

  1. Hi Arakne,
    are you planning to adapt your “Path Shape Creator” plugin for the “GIMP 2.10.X” version and if so, when?
    Greetings Herbie

  2. So how do you create an instructive image like that? How do you create those nifty boxes followed by a line?
    A big thank you for these tutorials!
    (Also, it would be nice to add a mention that you need to restart GIMP after adding your plugins and that you can find/start them from Filters.)

    • Hi Zael, this boxes are created in inkscape over an screen capture of gimp, thanks for the sugestion, i add now to the post

  3. ppl need to check if phy script is enabled check this guide

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