Inkscape extension:
Shapes new version

This new version adds new shapes to the previous and rearrange some tabs

Changes in Rombus

The Rombus shape goes to the From corners from corners tab. Now is posible use Size for the corners

New shapes Crossed  corners

This new shape uses the bounding box of the selected objects for create shapes where the borders crosses himselfs in 3 different ways creating squares, triangles or circles

New tab Spikes

The tab Spikes lets repeat a profile over the perimeter of the selected objects with a size and separation defined by the user. We can choose between five profiles and 3 directions: outside the selection, inside or alternate. Samples of each type of profile and the different directions:

Join circles

This option creates a path that joins smoothly two circles of different radius. For get the final shape is necesary perform some extra boolean operations.



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