INX translator

This script generates a PO file from a INX file. It also allows you to modify the file structure visually to mark new translatable elements.

How it works

Drag your INX file to the marked field in the original INX tab and the PO file is automatically generated ready for download.

Edit the INX

When loading the INX we can add translatable parts from the Scheme tab, the parts marked for translation are highlighted in green and the translatable parts that have not been marked in red, just click on them to make them translatable. If any of them are checked, it is advisable to download the modified INX file.

INX file updates

If the inx file has been previously translated and we have a PO file, we can drag it to the optional PO tab to assign them directly to the generated PO file.
If this is a new version of INX and you have a PO file with previously translated values, copy and paste the content of the PO in the following text field to be automatically assigned to the generated PO

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