Notepad++ CSSList:
Adapting cssList to your needs

To improve productivity by using cssList for notepad++ should make some changes to the files in the directory cssList (plugin directory notepad++\cssList)
  • cssProperties.txt

    This text file is the one that generates the list displayed by clicking on the first column of the properties of the current selector, each value will go into a line, optionally followed by a colon (:) and an identifier list of possible values defined in cssLists.txt. We can delete the properties that we not use, for example if we use the shorthand border instead of border-style, border-width and border-color, you can delete these three properties from cssProperties.txt thus limiting the number of values shown in the listing.
  • cssLists.txt

    Some values for CSS properties are lists of which only we can choose an element, for example display can choose between none, box, block, flex etc … or border-style between none, hidden, dotted, dashed etc …. For these cases we can create a variable in cssLists.txt file and link it to a property in the file cssProperties.txt. The variable name must start with the prefix “list” followed by the name you want, the values for the list will then sign “:” (colon) and are separated by the “|”. For example, the list of values for background-attachment would be as follows:
    . To link it to the background-attachment property in cssProperties.txt would put after the name of the property the name of the variable colon-separated list:
  • cssGroups.txt

    In this file define the relationships between properties that will have the same value, usually in properties that do not follow the standard and have different property names for each browser, an example is border-radius, for compatibility we have to define our style sheet as border-radius, -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius, the three with the same value. For that to change one of the values are updated in the other two properties cssGroups.txt add a line with all the names linked by a “+”, in this case:

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