6 thoughts on “Gimp Shape creator 6a: Solución de errores y nuevas formasError corrections and new shapes

  1. fantastic plugin, but would it be possible to ad Speech Bubbles to your list of shapes [eclipse rectangular and explosive] with a choice of direction and type [speech thought], I hope I am not asking to much

    • Hi, Speech Bubbles is one of the next shapes i’m working on, the choices are direction in degrees and width and height of the point. At the moment only plan make speech, thought it’s a bit complicated to me

  2. with the help of MareroQ I understood what happens:
    the plug-in starts working WITHOUT THE USER CLICKING «OK»
    so, at each input parameter it reacts with error messages (if the overall structure of the parameters is not self-consistent)
    pls, is it possible to avoid starting processing when the user has not yet completed his input and clicked OK?

  3. downloaded version 6a
    with some shapes I get a gimp error:
    – float division by zero
    – list index out of range
    this happens with these shapes:
    -flower, star, gear, polygon
    with arc only one error (index out of range)
    with cross «none type» object…
    the others show up

    what should i do to get all shapes appear?
    note: all those shapes are in the shapes folder


    • Hi Diego, the new revision solves that errors stablishing minimal values for the shapes. Grazie per il commento e contribuire a sviluppare lo script

  4. Thanks for the continued development of new and wonderful opportunities.
    ps. Small problem:
    For Shape: Square / Rectangle – Corners: Rounded inverse / Chamfer does not work.
    I cordially greet !

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