Gimp Shape creator 6d

This revision adds several changes:

New Transform tab:

The Rotation option passed to this new tab and 4 new options, Skew X and Y, Mirror X and Y are added

Button Add shape

The button Add shape is no longer in the Shapes tab, so you can add the form from any tab.

Tab Selection:

Added checkbox Square selection, to change from a rectangular to a square selection, and also avoiding the duplication of forms, Rectangle/Square and Ellipse/Circle, the Square and Circle objects are achieved with Rectangle or Ellipse objects + Square selection

Numeric fields:

Numeric fields now support math and W and H shortcuts (uppercase, W = width and H = height of the current image), so if we want any of the values ​​is half the height of the image would write “H/2”



6 thoughts on “Gimp Shape creator 6d

  1. Saludos

    Quiero felicitarte por el trabajo realizado, que según veo, es excelente. No he podido disfrutar de la extensión o script porque no lo he podido instalar en mi linux (kubuntu 14.10) he trasteado los archivos extraídos entre las carpetas de pluggins y de guiones y reiniciado El Gimp, sin obetenr éxito. Te agradecería si me hechas una mano por estos lados.


  2. please could you explain how to use the plugin non-interactively
    the PDB only shows (path-shape-creator6 run-mode image)
    it does not ask for a ‘command string’

    • Hi, the purpose of the plugin is to create shapes visually, i don’t tested the script for use it non-interactively

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