Gimp, webSplit, split the image using Paths

WebSplit is a python script to split the image using Paths. Use the coordinates of visible Paths to crop the image, each image is saved with the name of the path, and it also creates an HTML file that can be used to copy the x and y coordinates of the image and the width and height in pixels.

Using webSplit

Create a rectangular selection for each part of the image you want to crop and convert to Path ( menu Select \ To path or from the window of Paths press the lower button Selection to path). Rename the Path with the name you want for the image, if you turn off the visibility of the path not taken into account when running the script.
Run the script from the menu Filters\Paths\Web split … , the script only requires that you indicate the folder where you want to save images and html sample


Download the .py file and save it to any folder of scripts. To figure out what folders assigned from the Edit menu, click Preferences, in the dialog box that appears select the last option, Folders, and select display options Plugins, to the right is a list of folders where we can save the script.

Download the zip file

split_2013_02_12 Sample usage: Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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