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edit guides numerically

With this python script you can edit numerically existing guidelines or add new. All text fields allow mathematical operations using shortcuts for image width (Width, width, W, w) and the height of the image (Height, height, H, h)

Beta B

New checkboxes Mirror, on check the script creates an aditional guide on the oposite side.

Beta C

Corrects some fails in the interface texts and adds spanish translation.

Beta D

This version adds the option to select the unit (pixels or percentage) for the new guidelines. Now the checkbox to mirror the new guidelines passes a dropdown that lets you choose to not replicate, mirror it in the opposite site or on all four sides. You can contribute to the script translating the script to your language, downnload from here: arakne-guide-lab.po

Download / Descarga

Newest: Beta d


Older versions

Beta A: arakne-guide-lab Beta B: arakne-guide-labB Beta C: arakne-guide-labC

12 thoughts on “Gimp GuidesLab: edit guides numerically

  1. Any chance to « port » it to gimp 2.10 ?

    • Hi Gerald, the script is working fine on my Gimp 2.10 installation (windows 7). If you are having any issues with the script feel free to send me the error to correct. Thanks for helping to enhance the script

  2. The download links are confusing – I can’t determine which one is the “latest”

    • Hi, thanks for your comments, now the download links are clearer separated by newest and older versions

  3. This addon is excellent. Guides are so difficult to use in Vanilla GIMP as they dont seem to snap to rectangle selections very well (the rectangle disappears when dragging a guide)

    A simple editor is much welcomed.

  4. the plugin is very usefull, a good idea would be the option to create a certain number of rows, columns and gutter automatically, would be helpful.

  5. Nice job on Guides Lab, the mirror option was a great addition. So far it works flawlessly (Gimp 2.8.14, Linux).

    • One thing I noticed on both versions of the script, “tip delete” shows up on hover rather than, “Delete current guide.” or “Double click to delete the current guide.”. Line 159 (LabB) has “tip delete” which I changed to “Double click to delete the current guide.” which seems to solve the issue with my setup. Consider adding, “Double click to delete the current guide.” to the Help tab as well.
      Cheers and Thanks again for the nice script.

      • Thanks for helping to develop the script with your comments. I have corrected the bug you mention and added the ability to translate the interface to Spanish. Any suggestions for improving the script is welcome

  6. Is it possible to add vertical guides to the script? Such as corner to corner.

    • Hi, the script lets you add horizontal and vertical guides, if you refer to diagonal guides at this moment gimp not is capable to do it

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